Master's in Educational Management and Leadership

Program Description

The Master's in Educational Management and Leadership is designed for anyone who aspires to a leadership position in an educational organization or who is interested in understanding more about management and leadership positions within these contexts. Participants in the program will come from primary to secondary schools as well as from fields such as higher education, social work and human-resource development. It seeks to:

  • Improve understanding of leadership practices in national and international social, cultural, political and policy contexts
  • Strengthen knowledge of leadership and change management
  • Utilise existing and emerging international research-informed knowledge of educational leadership
  • Engage in critical discussion of a range of practices in the leadership and management of staff members in organizations
  • Enable a deeper critical understanding of the organization, and the environment in which course members operate
  • Promote the development of self, colleagues and organization

Graduates will develop an understanding of educational improvement concepts and research and be able to apply practical tools and strategies to address issues, challenges, and opportunities related to supporting student achievement and institutional growth. Graduates will:

  • Facilitate the collaborative development and implementation of shared values, vision, mission, and goals to support learning and achievement for all students;
  • Understand and use change and improvement processes to support student learning and institutional growth;
  • Build positive and effective relationships between the institution and the larger community;
  • Integrate evidence-based decision making approaches into administrative leadership practices to support growth and improvement;
  • Engage in meaningful self-assessment and self-awareness to enhance leadership skills, positive relationships, and professional goals;
  • Apply systems thinking to strategically plan and manage the education institutional environment to support student learning;
  • Engage in sound financial planning/budgeting and project management practices to support organizational goals;
  • Foster and sustain an inclusive institutional culture and climate to support both student learning and faculty/staff professional growth;
  • Critically analyze the leader's own organizational context in light of existing cultural norms, national/international trends and global perspectives;
  • Implement authentic and meaningful strategies assuring program quality; and
  • Lead collaborative and systematic inquiry processes that support institutional growth and improvement.

Course Structure

Curriculum Structure

Duration 02 Years
Semester 04
Including Research Work 06 Credit Hours
Total Credit Hours 63

Master's candidates are required to complete 20courses, including:

EML 601 Organization Theory in Education 3 credit hours
EML 602 Educational Management and Leadership 3 credit hours
EML 603 Organizational Culture and Change 3 credit hours
EML 604 Organizations as Global Learning Communities 3 credit hours
EML 605 Foundations of Educational Leadership 3 credit hours
EML 606 Human Resource Management in Education 3 credit hours
EML 607 Organization and Governance of Educational Institutions 3 credit hours
EML 608 Leading in the Technology-Mediated Environment 3 credit hours
EML 609 Supervision for Learning 3 credit hours
EML 610 Developing Leadership Capacity Through Reflective Practice 3 credit hours
EML 611 Marketing in Education 3 credit hours
EML 612 Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership 3 credit hours
EML 613 Instructional Leadership and Program Evaluation 3 credit hours
EML 614 Leading and Managing Educational Change 3 credit hours
EML 615 Supervision and Mentoring of Teachers 3 credit hours
EML 616 Education Policy and Strategy 3 credit hours
EML 617 Leading Organizational Behavior 3 credit hours
EML 618 Globalization and Internationalization in Education 3 credit hours
EML 619 Understanding Education Research 3 credit hours
EML 620 Research Thesis 3 credit hours